To Begin Again

All right, it's time. Monday, February 02, 2009 is the day I need to start my blog. I mean, technically, I started this blog back in 2007… but I didn't put anything in it, so I don't think that counts.

I must have only started it back then so I could save this awesome URL.

That's right.

Anyway, what does one write for a first post? This isn't really a themed blog. I'm not going to write solely about skiing, or puppies, or puppies on skies. No, this is going to be more of a scratch pad for my thoughts and opinions. This, I fear then, is a blog about me.

What better way, then, is there to start a completely self-indulgent blog than by copy-and-pasting the latest ego-trend to burn up the Facebook tubes!

25 things

1. The most defining element of my life would have to be the two, year-long boat trips I took with my family. The first when I was 11, the second when I was 16. For a long time, these trips became my character, what people knew me as. This was my own fault because I would find any excuse I could to bring it up. After too long, I decided I wanted to be more than "That kid who lived on a boat" so I stopped talking about it unless I felt it was absolutely relevant. I still dream of disappearing on a boat and sailing the world, but I doubt I'll ever work up the courage to do it.

2. Speaking of those trips, I came back from the first one with shoulder length hair. Those were the days...

3. I married my college sweetheart. People have asked what it's been like being married now. I can't say it's much different from the almost seven years we'd been together up until the big day. I'm still crazy about her.

4. From high school onward, I've found that people seem comfortable coming to me to talk, to confide and to vent. If I've succeeded in shaping myself into someone people feel comfortable talking to about personal issues, knowing I won't judge them or preach to them or tell them to shut up, then I consider that one of my greatest successes in life.

5. I've gotten in the habit of reading two to four books or magazines at once.

6. I'd like to get a tattoo, but I've not been able to come up with something that I'm going to be just as happy with in 40 years as I am with it now. I'm guessing it'll eventually be something to do with my eventual offspring.

7. I love to write, but I've yet to find something I love to write about.

8. Something I'm working on: I find I'm too loud when I'm comfortable in a situation. On the flip side, I'm too quiet when I'm not comfortable.

9. I've been lucky enough to do a lot of travelling so far in my life. I hope to continue that trend. I like to go to foreign lands and get lost. If I've only been to a country (like Mexico) on a cruise ship, I do not count that as actually having been to that country.

10. The first cigarette I ever had I rolled myself out of a dead maple leaf. I remain non-smoker.

11. I plan on having a model railroad when I grow up.

12. I took Ritalin up until my sophmore year in college. I stopped taking it because I really didn't want to be reliant on a pill to be a normal person. I'm not sure I've succeeded in being a normal person yet without it, but I'm going to keep working on it.

13. I suffer from (mercifully) infrequent compound migraines. They knock me out of a day and it takes close to 72 hours to get back to normal. Symptoms include the normal migraine head pain, sensitivity to light and sound. I also experience numbness on the right side of my body, (from just a hand to the entire right side, including my upper lip, which is always weird), holes in my vision and the inability to speak. I've never been able to determine if it's linked to food, an activity or just stress.

14. I sometimes wonder if our neighbors can hear me singing and talking to myself as I walk around the apartment.

15. I currently work in tech support and have a regular greeting that I've come up with that helps me get important information from the customer and maintain some modicum of control over the conversation. I've been asked multiple times if I'm a recording.

16. I've fallen in love with Top Gear on BBC. How can you NOT love a show which talked the British Marines into letting them accompany a beach landing exercise in a Ford Fiesta?

17. The only time (that I can remember) I have hurt a friend in anger is when they hurt Amanda. I surprised myself with how quickly and without thinking I reacted.

18. I spent a couple weeks working for my high school's summer camp after my Junior year but was fired along with two other counselors for pulling the shaving cream while they're sleeping trick on my campers. The campers we pranked thought it was hilarious. The parents did not. None of us got paid for the three weeks of work. I'm still bitter about that.

19. I'm a firm believer that "42" is the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything.

20. I have lost count of how many Star Wars novels I have.

21. I ask far too many questions without trying to look up the answer myself, first.

22. I will do almost anything for a free t-shirt.

23. I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods. My policy is that I don't eat things that hurt me back.

24. For a time I subscribed to the Attack of the Show "Women of the Web" video podcast, a weekly podcast ranking the most attractive women on the Web. I ended unsubscribing because it felt weird watching that on my iPod on the bus. I like to think I'm not quite THAT skeevy...

25. As soon as the New England Revolution move to a soccer-specific stadium nearer to Boston (Somerville?) I will be a season ticket holder.


punkoergosum said...

Puppies on skies? With diamonds?

Oh yeah, and to follow another internet meme...


punkoergosum said...

Two other quick things-

1) You can add this blog to your RSS reader, which is awesome. That means I can get updates in Google Reader!

2) Since I used my LJ name to post here, you can click on it to go to my journal. But if you do, it's going to look pretty unused... it's currently set to friends-only. I'm not sure if it's possible to extend that to Blogger friends, or not.

Anonymous said...

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